Update EFNMS Maintenance Photo Contest

The EFNMS photo contest has been closed on July 31st 2020. In total we received 226 approved entries. This is 90% of the target of 250 pictures. In the last week 33% of pictures were added. 144 pictures (64%) originated from EFNMS member countries.
Four countries achieved the 10 photos target: Belgium, Slovenia, Germany, the Netherlands.

The public voting has already been open from July 11th and is possible until August 31st 2020.

You can vote through the website https://maintenance.photo/vote-for-your-favorite-photo/

In a next phase the different National Juries need to give points to their preferred photos. The different members of a National Jury should have knowledge about maintenance and/or photography. The chairman of the National Jury also becomes member for of the EFNMS Jury, responsable for adding all points and making the final decision. Further instructions for the Jury will follow soon.